1.How do I know that my reservation has been booked? 

We will send you an SMS and an email confirming your flight booking.

2.Do I need to check the booking of my flight before I fly?  

No, you're not supposed to. However, if you really wish to, you can do so by writing to our Customer Service Team at support@flightreservationsinc.com or by calling the airline directly.

3.What are the costs collected when rescheduling my flight? 

In the event of any rescheduling, the rebooking cost and the fare disparity, if any, will be paid to the relevant carrier. In addition, you will be paying an amendment fee for YourAirlinetTkt.

4.How long would the refund process take?  

Typically we process the payment within 4 working days of cancellation. That being said, depending on your bank, it can take a little longer to focus on your account statement. We've found that it takes around 14 working days with most refunds to be paid to their respective accounts.

5.How can I check if the booking is confirmed?
Once you input all the details and make the full payment, you will be redirected to confirmation page and a booking confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address. If you haven’t received the confirmation email or not been redirected to the confirmation page then the booking is not complete. Please send us the email before you attempt to make another booking. Regarding flight,hotel booking you are advised to reconfirm the booking with the flight,hotels  directly as soon as you book the hotel or holiday.

6. How long will it take to receive booking confirmation?

You should receive the booking confirmation within 24 hours of the time of the booking and for international travel it will take up to 3 days. You will need to send us an email if you do not get it within the time specified.

7. Can I make a booking for someone else? Or can someone else pay for my booking?
You can book for someone else but you will have to authorize in writing to us by sending an email with a signed copy of the card used to make the payment and also give a written confirmation to the person named on the booking with a signed copy of the card used for booking. Someone else can pay for your booking provided we receive a written confirmation in an email and a signed copy of the card used to make the payment.

8. Am I able to request seats for my flight?
Depending on the airline(s) you have selected, you may be able to request specific seats. When making a booking on flightreservationsinc.com, select Seat Preference in the Additional Requests section. Note that all options are at the discretion of the airline, and flightreservationsinc.com cannot guarantee your seating preferences. For your convenience, please see our list of airline phone numbers.